Atlas Transfer Case – 2 Speed and 4 Speed

Atlas 2 speed
(4 speed shown below)

Atlas 2 & 4 Speeds

Prices start at $2,360.00

An extremely high quality specialty 2 speed (High range 1:1 plus one low range) transfer case. Available for many popular applications in 2.0, 3.0, 3.8, 4.3, 5.0 and 6.0 to one low range ratios ratios. Custom adapted applications are in many cases possible where the standard stock item will not fit. We know all sorts of unusual applications for these excellent cases.

Fully synchronized shift-on-the-fly operation.

Twin Stick – allows 2-HI, 4-HI, RWD-Lo, FWD-Lo, 4WD-Lo operation

Gear Ratios:

2.0:1 – This unit is more of a stock ratio found in most early full size trucks.

3.0:1 – This unit is popular in numerous applications.

3.8:1 – The Atlas 3.8 is a good choice for the avid 4-wheeler since this low gear ratio is ideal for moderate to some  extreme rock crawling

4.3:1 – This unit is popular in numerous applications.

5.0:1 -This unit is popular in numerous applications.

6.0:1 – This unit is the most popular for smaller engines vehicles that need to get the engine RPM’s higher to obtain engine performance.

Call for Quote. There are many variables and options.

Atlas 4 speed

atlas-4-speed-smallThis unit is functionally a Klune-V Goliath bolted to either a 3.8 or 2.0 Atlas. (Klune-V/Atlas Combo – Article) There is an advantage to this Advance Adapters version: By purpose-engineering the combo, Advance Adapters has done a nice job of integrating the assembly, shortening the overall combo by 3.5″. Another benefit of this system is that the Atlas 4-Speed as a unit costs less than buying a Klune and buying an Atlas 2 speed and combining them.

Gear Ratios:

1.0:1 / 2.00:1 / 2.72:1 / 5.44:1 or 1.0:1 / 2.72:1 / 3.8:1 / 10.34:1

With any of the Atlas ratios equipped in your 4WD, you have the opportunity to select a sensible ring and pinion gear ratio for great street performance. Combined with a low-geared crawl ratio of your choice, your vehicle will have the ultimate combination. This allows you to compete with the most well-equipped vehicle, but then be able to cruise comfortably down paved roads. If you are serious about on and offroad performance and dependability, then demand one of the Advance Adapters Atlas transfer cases.

The Atlas has been installed in both full and down size vehicles such as Jeeps, Broncos, Explorers, Dodge, Chevy & Ford Trucks. These units can be found in daily driven vehicles, all the way up to the extreme rock crawling vehicles.

Call for Quote. There are many variables and options.