South Bend Clutches for Dodge Cummins

Click application below  for clutch kits available:

Hydraulic Kits. Click year below to be directed to correct hydraulic assembly kit:
YearMakeTransmissionEnginePart Number
1988-1993DodgeGetrag G3605.9L CumminsHYDX-GR
1994-1997DodgeNV45005.9L CumminsHYD-HD
1998-2002DodgeNV45005.9L CumminsHYDX1.50
1999-2000DodgeNV56005.9L Non-High Output - 235 HPHYDX1.50
2000-2002DodgeNV56005.9L High-Output - 245 HPHYDX1.50
2003-2004DodgeNV45005.9L CumminsHYDX.750
2003-2005DodgeNV56005.9L High-Output - 245 HPHYDX.750
2005.5-2016DodgeG565.9L Cummins & 6.7LHYDX.750