Extreme Built NV4500 for Dodge or GM

Extreme Built NV4500 transmission. Cryogenic treatment to all gears, main shaft and stock 1-1/4″ input. Basically all internals that are metal are cryogenically treated. Adds 30% more strength to parts treated.

For cryotreated 1-3/8″ input add $350.

Price is $2,300.00 + $500.00 refundable core charge.

For those doing a conversion or without a core the price is $2,800 which includes the core charge.

Comes with a two year, 24,000 mile warranty

Freight to a business within city limits that has a dock or a forklift is $150.

Call 888-316-2940 or email us at info@high-impact.net for questions or to order.

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