Ranger Overdrive


Ranger Overdrive

$1,574.95 + Free Shipping – shifter stick and oil included

The Ranger Torque Splitter is an auxiliary gear box that bolts in front of the standard Chevy, Ford and Land Cruiser 4 speed transmissions. This fully synchronized unit allows you to split your gears at any time. Just push in the clutch, grab the Ranger’s shift lever, (You will have two shifters: one for your main trans and one for the Ranger) and shift. At any speed.

Through the years it has gone through several design changes. Today’s unit is cast aluminum, measuring 7-1/2″ long. The gears are helical cut and the shifting mechanism is a short throw manual shift. The unit is built to handle 420 ft./lbs. of torque and has a G.V.W. rating of 25,000 lbs. This unit is ideal for towing applications or improving gas mileage by lowering the RPMs.

The unit weighs 80 lbs. and is easily shipped via UPS. It has a 1 year unlimited mile warranty from the date of shipment.

Typical Installation Info

Installation will involve moving the transmission back 7.5″. Your stock clutch components will work, as will the stock clutch linkage Floor board modification will be required for the shifter relocation, and for the shifter stick coming up from the Ranger. The crossmember will need to be relocated 7.5″ back (Often this merely requires drilling holes to bolt it in in the new location, however your truck should be examined to verify this. In some cases light fabrication is required to build a new crossmember. You will need to take your driveshaft(s) to a driveshaft shop and have them shortened / lengthened) appropriately. That is pretty much the extent of it.

Ranger vs. NV4500 conversions: The choice between an NV4500 conversion and adding a Ranger in a truck with an existing 4 speed: The NV4500 will result in 5 forward gears, 5th being overdrive. Both units have 27% OD, so no difference there. Ranger system roughly $700-1000 less costly. Ranger system allows gear splitting, and when used in conjunction with a granny-gear wide ratio trans allows gears between the gears, effectively doubling available ratios. Ranger plus granny 4 speed noisier than NV4500. NV4500 is a more civilized trans. only 1 stick, rather than 2 to deal with.



1947-1966 Chevy Overdrive with a 4.686″ index

1967-1987 Chevy Overdrive with a 5.125″ index

Note: These units are for Chevy stick transmissions and will bolt directly to the specified transmission and matching bellhousing with only minor modifications. Driveline and floorboard modifications are required.



1965-1970 Ford Overdrive, for use with transmissions having a 5.125″ index diameter.

1971-1987 Ford Overdrive. for use with transmissions having a 4.848″ index diameter.

Note: These units are for Ford 4 speed transmissions and will bolt directly to the 4 speed and bellhousing with only minor modifications. Driveline and floorboard modifications are required.)

Toyota Land Cruiser – 1974-1986 4 speed models with Chevy engine

Overdrive: PN 760024M-27

The ranger overdrive bolts between a GM 4speed bellhousing and the stock LC 4speed transmission.

1963-1973 3 speed models with Chevy engine

As above, works with a stock GM 4spd bellhousing. The earlier 3 speed Land Cruiser trans can be mated to the Ranger Torque Splitter by using a special retainer: PN 716222 with Overdrive PN 760001M-27.)

1987 and newer Land Cruisers with GM Engine

The Ranger can be installed on 1987 and newer Land Cruisers. On these applications we have found a few odd size input shaft bearings that Toyota used. In order to use our overdrive unit, the front input shaft bearing of your transmission must be measured. (This will verify what bearing index is necessary – a 3.544″ diameter is standard.) If your bearing diameter is 3.625″, a special rear plate can be machined for this application.

LC V8 Conversions

The overdrive design for the Land Cruiser makes an ideal conversion. The unit can be built to bolt directly to a standard GM or Ford Bellhousing at the front, LC transmission at the rear, and, at the same time, positions the V8 engine in the correct location to avoid any driveshaft modifications.

Land Cruiser retaining stock “F” series motor – It is possible to build a Ranger to this engine by using a stock Toy LC 3sp bellhousing. This (involves a bit of custom machining on the Ranger). This Ranger then can be bolted to the Stock 4speed, stock 3 speed. Looks like H55 5speed should work. Also possible: GM SM 465, Ford Transmissions such as the T18,T19 or NP435. NOTE: In a short LC applications such as FJ40 – check your driveshaft length – this will move your Tcase back appx 7 inches.

Land Cruiser SM420/465 applications

The Ranger Overdrive can be built to act as the adapter between the factory bellhousing and an SM420 or 465 transmission