Adding Overdrive to a vehicle




An overdrive will give you an additional gear above the normal high gear in a transmission. Its most common application is to reduce engine RPM on the highway, allowing less wear and tear, noise and improved fuel mileage. Overdrives mostly come one of two two ways:  built into the transmission, (usually as a fourth gear in an automatic or a fifth gear in a stick trans) or as an external, additional gear box. The external overdrive can act as a gear splitter as well as an overdrive. In adding an overdrive to an existing vehicle, there are pros and cons to each method. 


Automatic Transmission Vehicles

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If you have an auto trans, and want to stay with an auto trans, usually, the easiest and best way to get overdrive into a vehicle with a 3 speed auto trans to swap in an auto trans that has an overdrive in it. (WHY?)

  • What parts will I need? ---

  • How much does it cost? ---

--- The answers to these question are beyond the scope of this website due to wide variables of application. Cost to do such a swap starts around $2000. Give us a a call or send an email with the details of your project vehicle and we will be glad to quote a package for you


Note: NV4500 and NV3550 5speed stick-shift conversions are alternatives



Manual Trans Vehicles

Conversion to a 5 speed is the general 1st choice.  If you have a 4speed Ford or Chevy, and do not mind having a second shift lever sticking out of the floor, in many cases the Ranger Overdrive is a lower cost alternative. 


Convert to an NV4500 5 speed manual trans

HD trans for Toyota, GM, Ford,  Chrysler AMC or Toyota powered pickup trucks/offroad vehicles


Convert to an NV3550 5 speed manual trans

Light and medium duty GM, Ford, AMC or Chrysler powered 4x4 vehicles


"Ranger" Add-on Overdrive/Gear splitter

Lower cost alternative for GM and Ford powered pickup trucks, Broncos, Blazers, Land Cruisers, etc.



...and for early Jeeps using the Dana 18 transfer case...

     Saturn Overdrive