NV4500 TO GM 82-93 6.2L & 6.5l Diesel Engine Replacing Manual Transmission

Package Total$2,433.00
Rebuilt GM NV4500 Transmission, NO CORE CHARGE.Included
Shift TowerIncluded
Shift HandleIncluded
Mechanical linkage bracket or slave cylinder mounting bracket included.Included
Transmission MountIncluded
Bellhousing Included
2WD App or Divorced Transfer Case Fixed Yoke or Slip Yoke Add $110

When upgrading a manual transmission

The above system is designed to replace an existing stick transmission with an NV4500 5 speed. All of the required major components not normally existing in your truck are supplied for this conversion.

Clutch Kit

An optional item. Your GM stock clutch components will work, however it is recommended to replace these items and have your flywheel unless known to be FRESH.


The NV4500 transmission can be supplied in 4WD configuration, for use with GM style transfer cases 1986 and up. Adapters for other transfer cases are available, contact High Impact


The NV4500 are standard supplied with a fixed output yoke, and are equipped for GM electronic speedo drive. These transmissions can also be supplied with a slip-yoke rear output, and Dodge type mechanical speedo provisions if desired

Drive Shafts

You will need to have your driveshaft(s) modified for length. A local driveshaft shop is usually available to do this. If necessary, we can do it, however it is better to install the unit FIRST, then measure and build/modify driveshafts


You may need to relocate your crossmember, this can usually be done by re-drilling the frame and bolting into the desired location. You will need to drill the crossmember for the bolts to the larger NV4500 transmission mount

Stick Shift

The NV4500 shifter comes up about 5″ to the rear of where a GM SM465 or 420 4speed does. It will be necessary to cut a hole in your floorboard to accommodate the stick shift. A simple boot can be mounted over the new hole to dress this. A simple piece of sheet metal can be cut and screwed in place to cover the old hole. It is useful to seal this doen using silicone sealant.