NV3550 5 Speed Conversion into a Chrysler 5.2L / 5.9L V8

 NV3550 conversion

The NV3550 is an excellent option to consider in smallblock Chrysler  V8 (318-360 / 5.2L – 5.9L) Jeep/Dodge applications. It will comfortably handle a mild V8 in a vehicle such a as a Jeep, and will fit under the body in a Jeep with very few additional modifications.

NV4500 Conversion

There is one other popular replacement option for these engines: The NV4500. This trans tends to be oversize for other than full size truck applications. Wrangler applications require a body lift or extensive floor pan modification to fit. The usual incentive for this conversion is to get the truck style wide ratio, almost granny 1st gear which can be useful for offroad use. On the other hand, this conversion will make a your jeep drive more like a  truck. If this looks like the option or you, High impact does have available a package using the NV4500. Call or email for a free quote.

Conversion Package

High Impact has available a package providing you with all the primary essential ingredients to this installation. The NV3550 will fit under the stock body without a body lift. Only minor floor pan mods are needed where the shifter handle comes up.

Adapting To The Transfer Case

NP231 – This is the transfer case found stock in Jeeps from 1989 – 2000, and most jeeps (except Rubicon) from 200-up. Some 87-88 Jeeps will have the 231. Units that came with the 2.5L 4 cyl engine, and units that came behind the Peugeot 5spd (1987-88) will have 21 spline input gears. If you wish to retain this transfer case, you will need to replace the input gear with a 23 spline part (Listed below). The remainder of the NP231 Tcases came with a 23 spline input, and will bolt up directly to a NV3550 transmission

Atlas II Transfer Case – This case is available in configurations for direct bolt up.


Parts can also be purchased separately.

  NV3550 Behind Chrysler 5.2 / 5.9L motor PkgPricing*
1 Rebuilt NV3550 Jeep 5 spd Transmission. Includes shift tower. One year warranty, unlimited miles. Six months if for commercial use. NO CORE CHARGE.  Included
Shift Handle: You will need to modify your existing shifter by cutting off the current end, and welding on a steel plate and drilling holes thru the steel plate to bolt up to the stub sticking out of the trans.  Included
1 Bellhousing NV3550 – Note:  These bellhousings are no longer available and you will need to source the bellhousing from a 1998 Dodge Dakota with AX15
1 Engine plate/ Dust shield – Dealer or Junkyard part Recycle Center
1 Clutch Fork Recycle Center
1 Pivot Recycle Center
1 Fork retaining clip Recycle Center
1 Slave cyl – $72
1 Clutch Kit – $292
Clutch Upgrade option –  High horsepower applications
1 (Optional, if needed) Flywheel
Note: Starter will go on opposite side of engine. Original starter probably will not fit.
Note: Some engines in front of automatics: The crank was not bored for a pilot bearing