NV3550 5 Speed Replacing Peugeot 5 Speed In 87-89 Wranglers


Package pricing below

The 5 speed transmissions used in Wranglers 87-88 is generally considered an inferior unit. If you have one, and it is tired, a Conversion to the NV3550 might be just what the doctor ordered. It is also possible to replace the Peugeot with an AX 15 (The 5 speed Jeeps used 89-99). However the NV3550 is generally considered to be substantially superior to the AX15.

We can supply the NV3550. We have also put together a package of the key items needed to make this upgrade. This install kit contains a new bellhousing, a bracket to retain your stock Tcase linkage, A crossmember adapter plate to bolt the new trans in using stock components, and a clutch slave cylinder and hose kit designed to work with your stock master cyl.


Parts can be purchased separately also.

(We can also provide custom packages where needed)

Rebuilt NV3550 5 speed replacing  the Peugot in a Wrangler. No Core Charge.Package Pricing
Rebuilt NV3550 5 Speed Transmission. Includes shift tower. NO CORE CHARGE.Included
Shift HandleIncluded
Bellhousing kit incl release lever. T/O bearing and pilot bearing.Included
T-case shifter bracket/linkageIncluded
23 spline transfer case input gear for NP231. NP 207 add $60.00.Included
Crossmember adapter plateIncluded
Slave cylinder & Hose kitIncluded
Clutch components: Your stock pressure plate should work. 95 and up T/O bearing and slave cyl should work. It is recommended you replace these unless they are known to be fresh.