Brand New NSG370 6 Speed Transmission for 2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler


$2,495 + $500 Core Charge – Brand New Transmission

Shipping to most businesses with dock or forklift is $135 (additional charges if a house or in a rural area)

The Chrysler NSG370 is a six-speed overdrive manual transmission sourced from Mercedes and built in the Stuttgart Transmission Plant. It is Jeep’s first six-speed manual transmission and Chrysler’s second after the Dodge Viper T-56.

The NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission provides optimal shift quality, improved quietness and high quality. A new dual-ratio transmission shift-tower system allows packaging of the six-speed shift pattern within the existing Jeep vehicles, and it is tuned for optimized shift quality. For smooth operation the First and Second gears have triple-cone synchronization, the Third and Fourth gears feature double-cone and the Fifth and Sixth gears single-cone synchronization. Hard-finished gears allow for quiet operation. A multi-rail, steel-construction shift system delivers high strength and precision. The two-piece aluminum case with integrated clutch housing assures powertrain stiffness and light weight. The new First-gear ratio combined with six-speed step spread allows optimization of axle ratios for fuel economy and performance.

“Because Jeep vehicles are designed to perform in a variety of challenging off-road conditions, the NSG 370 six-speed manual transmission has a unique gear case and direct-shift system specifically designed for the Jeep application,” said Frank Frederick, Director – Manual and Rear-Wheel-Drive Transmissions and Driveline Engineering, Chrysler Group.

The NSG370 does not use standard gear oil for lubrication. This transmission utilizes bronze synchronizer collars resulting in sensitivity to lubricant make-up. Only a fluid characterized by Chrysler specification MS-9224 should be used in order to avoid premature wear or failure of internal parts as well as voiding the factory warranty.[2] Pennzoil Synchromesh is one such petroleum based lubricant.[3]

Common synthetic alternatives to the factory Mopar-branded conventional lubricant are Royal Purple’s Synchromax and Red Line Oil’s MTL. The synthetic alternatives often improve shifting performance while decreasing internal wear and noise. Transmissions from Jeep wranglers Length: 23.5″ (I6), 24.8” (V6).

It features a 14mm hex fill plug on the passenger side and a 17mm hex drain plug on the bottom (with a strong magnet for attracting metal flakes).

Gear ratios:

1st – 4.459
2nd – 2.614
3rd – 1.723
4th – 1.245
5th – 1.000
6th – 0.838
Reverse – 4.062

It comes with a one year warranty, unlimited miles. Six months if for commercial use.