NP 241 Dodge Light Duty Transfer Case for Dodge Ram

NP241 for Dodge

Rebuilt Tested NP241 DLD Transfer Cases

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  • 1 Year Warranty, unlimited miles; 6 Months if for commercial use
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About the NP241 Transfer Case The NP241 transfer case was manufactured by New Process. This model is chain driven and is provided with both manual and electrical shifting, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge utilized manual shifting. The NP241 was used in Chevrolet, GM, Dodge pickups & Jeep Rubicon. This unit was utilized beginning in 1989.

The NP241 was manufactured with drop output on both drive and passenger side and has a low gear ratio of 2.72 to 1. This unit has combination of 2WD, 4W high and 4W low. The units are provided with various front inputs, output splines and utilizes a both fixed and rear slip yokes.

Potential problems with the NP241 Transfer

This unit can have issues with case failure caused by out of balance driveshafts, at the first sign of vibration it is time to get the driveline inspected, repaired and high speed balanced before case failure. High mileage will contribute to failure of the range hub, range fork and input shaft, this failure is exhibited by the unit popping out of gear. Another problem associated with the NP241 transfer case is the snap ring on the rear output shaft failing, this can be easily repaired by installing a specially designed snap ring or snap ring retainer, it is a good idea to fix this problem before you have a failure. Excessive slip yoke wear can cause leakage of the fluid, watch for signs of fluid on the driveway, you can replace the rear extension housing bushing, seal and slip yoke to fix this problem. Wen researching the NP241 you will see a lot of chatter about wide input bearing verses narrow bearing, here is what you need to know: the wide bearing is .940 and is part number BD50-8, the narrow bearing is .630 and part number is 6010N. It is a good idea to check your input bearing number prior to ordering any parts.

If you have purchased your vehicle used the very first order of business is to double check the tire diameters. Used car dealers may have mismatched the tires to make the sale. Mismatched tires will cause the NP241 transfer case to fail. Recommended fluid for the NP241 transfer case is automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

DescriptionPriceCore Charge
1994-96 NP 241 DLD$1,150.00$500.00
1997 & Up NP 241 DLD$1,150.00$500.00